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Watts Cards have teamed up with the UK's fastest growing, and highest rated grading company in the UK, Only Graded, to offer you great prices on grading with great turn around times!
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Why we choose Only Graded?

We have chosen to both team up, and use Only Graded for all of our grading services because after many trials and tests, we have had no better UK returns than the submissions made to Only Graded. While they are still new and may have a few teething problems as they grow, their grading, in our opinion, is accurate and their slabs are like no other - solid, well designed for durability, as well as visual design and very aesthetically pleasing to look at.
The slabs may not be as thin or as compact as PSA slabs, but they are not overly bulky and can be likened to the slabs offered by one of the worlds best grading companies located in the US. This is how they can offer increased durabilty - though we'll always recommend that you look after your slabs, no matter where they are from, i.e. avoid dropping them or scratching them.

We also note that their grading scales includes a 10+ (immaculate) grade, which can be viewed here. With the dark racing green and gold labels for 10+ glades, there is no doubt that these will become highly saught after. This being said, when filling out your subission online, we would recommend that the OC (off center) grading is turned off for a more accurate final grade, unless you want a higher grade with the OC classification. When allowing OC grades for your submission, this basically means that centering will not be taken into consideration when calculating the average for the final grade and only applies to 10 and 10+ grades.

On a final note that really makes Only Graded stand out to us, if a card gets a 10+ immaculate grade (not including 10+ OC grades as far as we are aware), you will also recieve a dark green wooden storage chest to hold the card (subject to availability). This definately goes above and beyond in terms of what a grading company can offer.


What do they grade?

We think a better question is what DON'T they grade? Only graded has one of the longest lists we have seen from a UK grading company, in terms of what they grade, and whether thats for better or for worse, we are sure that you wont be disapointed with your returns. They grade cards from Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, sports cards and more! It is also worth noting that Only Graded also have a booster pack grading service coming soon as well.


What is there customer service like?

Honestly, we cannot fault their customer service. They have a phone line to call if you need support, which some grading companies do not offer, as well as live chat and email support. When sending in emails, we have always had a response within 48 hours on working days, though we would imagine that this may go up to 72+ during busy times and after new set releases - though we are yet to experience this kind of wait.
To really show what we mean about how they go above and beyond, we emailed in after receiving one of our submissions back because one of the slabs had come open. Within 24 hours, we had a response telling us to send the slab back and they would re-slab the card at no extra cost. All we had to pay was the postage back to them, but they covered the postage costs of sending the slab back out to us after re-slabbing it. This was all done within about 10 days.


Pricing and turnaround times?

Grading from Only Graded starts at £7.86 a card for no sub-grades, or £9.99 a card with sub-grades with currently a maximum of 60 days turnaround.


Does Only Graded add value?

With some cards, YES! We have found that having a card graded by Only Graded does add some value to the card. While due to demand and popularity, PSA and Beckett still hold the highest values for graded cards. However, we have definately found from the cards that we have had graded and sold, that yes, Only Graded does add a small amount of value to raw cards when graded. Though please note, that with all grading companies, this amount varies from card to card and you are not always guarenteed to see an increase in value depending on the demand for the specific card.

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