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Watts Cards

Watts Cards Resealable PSA Graded Card Sleeves (100 Pack)

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 We are proud to annouce our own line of card protection accessories! Our first launch is to consist of toploaders, PSA graded cards sleeves for PSA slabs, resealable team bags, and semi-rigid card holders.

The Watts Cards Resealable PSA Graded Card Sleeves have been designed specifically for PSA slabs. We will be introducing more graded card sleeves in the future for Beckett (BGS) slabs and others.


  • Keeps your PSA graded card and its holder clean and safe.
  • Protects the graded card holder from scratches.
  • Resealable strip allows for easy removal
  • Angled lip for clean, smooth appearance
  • Crystal Clear
  • No PVC / Acid Free
  • Each pack contains 100 sleeves.